Attention Business Owners

Your goal: Increase revenue and reduce expenses. Our goal: Introduce you to options that can reduce your expenses and retain your talent. It's how we approach the concept of "service". We won't offer anything we believe is not in the best interest of our clients and their employees. We answer questions and share information so our clients can make the best decisions to protect their finances in the face of unexpected medical expenses. It's just that simple. Know Your Options!

What services can you get for your business?

We offer a number of services to our business owner clients. We know that as a business owner, especially a small business owner, you have to wear many hats. Most smaller and even mid-size businesses can't hire a certified Human Resources professional, so you have to manage your labor issues by the seat of your pants. We can help! Our clients get access to the service "HR AnswersNow" which is like wikipedia for human resources and labor issues (but it's written exclusively by labor attorneys).

As an added bonus, we can offer value-added services to qualified clients in the first year of offering our supplemental plans, as well as an assortment of third party ancillary plans and alternative plans to help your employees save money.

Do your employees fully understand and appreciate the benefits you provide?

Did you know that the number one driver of employees' satisfaction with your benefits is their understanding of them? Fortunately, we specialize in educating your employees about your benefits package and communicating that information in ways they can easily digest and apply their understanding. This allows them to customize their benefit solutions according to their needs.

Our pre-enrollment and enrollment processes include individualized communication and education regarding the benefits you can make available to your employees. We can even offer benefit statements, which show the hidden costs you bear for the benefits they enjoy.

Ninety-seven percent of the people that go through our enrollment process find the experience valuable and look forward to it year after year. Our process helps your HR team from becoming inundated with benefits questions during enrollment and throughout the year. It's all part of our service commitment.

Are you looking for ways to keep your healthcare costs from skyrocketing?

Of course, you are, and so is every other employer. It seems like increases are impossible to avoid. However, by working with us, we can help you enhance your benefits package without breaking the bank. When all options are on the table we can craft a benefits package that saves you and your employees money without sacrificing quality.

If you're not yet working with a broker, or simply don't have the budget to offer major medical, we can still help! We can work within any budget you have, even if it's zero. Offering a robust benefits package is the most cost-effective way of showing your employees what they mean to your business.

Are you able to attract and retain top talent?

Did you know that most people won't consider working for an employer with no or inferior benefits? Increasingly, employers are competing for top talent. A solid benefits package can position you favorably among your competitors. While pay rate is still the #1 factor influencing whether a candidate accepts an offer, the #2 factor is benefits.

Similarly, existing employees' #1 consideration for staying with their employer is benefits. A complete and robust benefits package keeps top talent in place more so than any other factor. That means that you are the one making turnover decisions, rather than being forced into replacing your best people.

Don't be caught flat-footed when a job candidate asks about your benefits package. Be proud of what you can offer!

Would you like to offer more or better benefits, but it's not in your budget?

One of the biggest myths about employee benefits is that it's too costly. In reality, employers can offer quite robust benefits packages at little to no cost. Another myth is that it's complicated and difficult to implement. When you choose to work with us, we do all the heavy lifting, making offering an attractive benefits package turn-key. For most clients, we even provide a benefits platform for your benefit administration, further easing your administrative burden.

While medical, dental, and vision benefits are the core of a solid benefits package, other benefits like Critical Illness, Hospital Confinement, or Disability are benefits that many employers and employees alike desire. These benefits help keep people from tapping into their retirement savings to pay for unexpected medical bills. These benefits, and more, can be added to your benefits portfolio at no cost to you, and are easy to implement. It really is that simple.

What "service" means to us...

The best way to describe how we think about service is in this quote by the author of "To Sell Is Human" - “Sales and non-sales selling are ultimately about service. But ‘service’ isn’t just smiling at customers when they enter your boutique or delivering a pizza in thirty minutes or less, though both are important in the commercial realm. Instead, it’s a broader, deeper, and more transcendent definition of service—improving others’ lives and, in turn, improving the world.” ~ Daniel H. Pink

Sounds grandiose, but we don't rest if our clients lives aren't improved. We want to reduce your expenses, reduce your work-load, help your employees get the optimum value from our benefits, and answer all questions about the best path to protection. It really is that simple.

Do you already offer Aflac (or any other supplemental benefit carrier)?

First of all, congratulations on seeing the value in offering supplemental benefits. They truly are a critical piece of a robust benefits package.

Secondly, if you are a raving fan of your Aflac (or other carrier) plans and your rep/agent, great! Don't change a thing. If you're not a "raving fan", let's talk.

If you're interested in looking into whether offering our plans can save your employees on their premiums, or are curious about the many other ways I can help you save money on health care, contact me. Colonial Life plans and our competitors' plans are similar in many ways, but there are also important differences. If you'd like to see details, schedule some time with me to walk through those differences.

I commit to my clients that I will find ways to help them and their employees get the most for their hard-earned dollar each and every year.

What's the best way to conduct our benefits enrollment?

While we can offer a self-enroll option that gives the employees some independence in the process, our clients have found that the employees appreciate the individualized attention they receive each year from our Benefits Counselors, along with the ability to discuss confidential health issues that they are not comfortable discussing with their employer.

Consider what resources your employees have to learn about their benefit options and how to find the best solution to their individual needs.