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Voluntary Employee Benefits through Colonial Life: 

Voluntary benefits are employee-paid policies that help fill the gaps left by traditional health insurance. With benefits paid directly to the employee, they can be used for expenses medical insurance doesnʼt cover, such as lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and household bills. Having reviewed coverage details and rates from Aflac, Allstate, and MetLife, it is clear that Colonial Life offers the best value to employees.

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Advantages of Our Supplemental Benefits:

Value-Added Services to Encourage Enrollment Participation

When you support the enrollment process, where your employees learn the details of the coverages you make available to them, one or more of these services is available to your employees. These services can be of surprising and indispensable value to your employees and their families. Purchase is not required to receive these services.

For qualified employers, the choices include:

Valuable Services to Help Our Employer Partners Save Money

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