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Voluntary Employee Benefits through Colonial Life:

Voluntary benefits are employee-paid policies that help fill the gaps left by traditional health insurance. With benefits paid directly to the employee, they can be used for expenses medical insurance doesnʼt cover, such as lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and household bills. Having reviewed coverage details and rates from Aflac, Allstate, and MetLife, it is clear that Colonial Life offers the best value to employees.

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Advantages of Our Supplemental Benefits:

  • Designed to help offset medical expenses that major medical doesn't pay (check your policy's "out-of-pocket maximum")

  • Employee and employer-paid options - employers can choose to contribute to the cost of these affordable, customizable benefits

  • Easy claim filing - call our 800 number or go online

  • Next-day claim payments

  • Portable at original issue age so you can keep the protection you depend on regardless of job change or retirement.

Value-Added Services to Encourage Enrollment Participation

When you support the enrollment process, where your employees learn the details of the coverages you make available to them, one or more of these services is available to your employees. These services can be of surprising and indispensable value to your employees and their families. Purchase is not required to receive these services.

For qualified employers, the choices include:

  • $10,000 AD&D policy through CHUBB

  • Legal Document Preparation service provided by LawAssure

  • Membership to a discount program for health, travel, entertainment, and many other services through the WellCard Savings Program

Valuable Services to Help Our Employer Partners Save Money

Contact us to find out whether you qualify for any of these complementary money-saving services!


    • We provide a state-of-the-art Ben Admin and HRIS platform to our clients at no charge. These systems are intuitive and are capable of handling all of your onboarding needs, as well as some other features like asset tracking, PTO requests and tracking, and integrations with payroll services and benefits carriers.

      • The platform we offer is Employee Navigator

      • We are capable of integrating with many more similar platforms


    • Our office is piloting a relationship with Paylocity (over 100 employees) and Heartland (any size) and Paycor (any size) allowing our clients a 30% discount on payroll services, AND waive all fees associated with integrating a benefits platform with their payroll service. This eliminates administrative headaches associated with processing new hires.


    • Ameriflex Premium Only Plans (Section 125 Plans) are available to qualified clients at no cost, allowing clients to pre-tax deductions, reducing the income tax obligation for the employee, and the FICA tax obligation for both employer and employee.


    • Legal Club memberships are also available and can be a much more affordable way of tapping into more in-depth legal services. Identity theft protection is built-in to these membership plans.


    • Financial education provided through KOFE

    • Live virtual training also available through our partners.


    • HR AnswersNow which gives answers and guidance on all of your HR and compliance-related questions


    • Our Learning Gives Back program donates up to $5 to the Children's Miracle Network for every employee who goes through our enrollment process.